Metrics for engineering managers

Dev Insights helps you improve team performance using data.

Ensure productivity

Go beyond tickets and notifications and get a 360-degree view of what each team member is doing each day.

Streamline process

Use metrics to streamline your process and discover ways to release more software to your customers.

Boost performance

Compare individual contributions to understand performance and find opportunities for improvement.

Dear CTO,

Your job is tough. Hiring developers, making sure software gets built right, dealing with stakeholders... the list goes on.

On top of it all, you are responsible for making sure everyone is productive and continually getting better.

But how can you stay on top of everything? You are bombarded with chat notifications, your inbox is overflowing, and your attention is drawn from one urgent priority to the next.

Peter Drucker has a saying… “You can only manage what you can measure”. Technology is at the root of our modern metrics-driven business culture. Yet paradoxically, most software teams have little or no way to measure how they are performing.

Dev Insights is here to help. Dev Insights gives you data to help evaluate productivity, improve process, and achieve peak performance.

I hope that Dev Insights helps you unlock ways to better manage your team and deliver more high-quality software to your customers.


-Abi Noda
Founder of Dev Insights

Common questions

What's the story behind this?

Dev Insights was created by Abi Noda after years of managing engineering teams and wishing there were better tools for tracking and evaluating performance.

What is the setup process?

Simply sign up and then add Dev Insights to your GitHub organization.

How is my data handled?

Dev Insights uses OAuth and does not store your source code.

Can't metrics be gamed?

Metrics are not a silver bullet, and must be used appropriately for them to valuable. We'll help coach you on how to adopt metrics into your management approach.

How do I request a feature?

Email us. We'd love to hear from you.